Unlock yourself out of Ghost on SQLite3

So, on OpenShift you're going to be able to simply install Ghost blogging platform either with MySQL Database or without a Database (well, not really, it is going to write your stuff on the fantastic SQLite3).

Chances are that, as me, you forgot to setup the Mail Server AND you have passwords so good that you happen to do not know them yourself.

Now you failed your 5th attempt to login and Ghost just locked you out with no chances to recover your password.

Luckly once you've setup your RHC Tools you can use SSH and change that password manually.

Get your app name
rhc apps

From your Terminal log to SSH
rhc ssh yourapp

Move to the Data folder
cd $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/content/data and open the Ghost DB with SQLite3
sqlite3 ghost.db

Check the current mail if you need so
SELECT email from users;

Generate a BCrypt password from
and copy the value from the Hash field.

Unlock your user
UPDATE users SET status = 'active' WHERE email = 'your@email.com';

and set the new password
UPDATE users SET password = 'ValueFromHash' WHERE email = 'your@email.com';

VoilĂ , happy password forgetting!